5 years later, Wuzhou is such a comprehensive strength of the city more livable (Figure)-naughty怎么读

After 5 years in Wuzhou is that the comprehensive strength of the city more livable (Figure) Guangxi Daily reporter Wu Lingping correspondent Molina Kang an editor’s note: in September 27th, the first session of the fourteenth Wuzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Wuzhou mayor Zhu Xueqing on behalf of the thirteen Municipal People’s government to make the government work report to the general assembly. The report is divided into five years of work review and the next five years of the goal of the two part. For the next five years the goal, Wuzhou proposed to adhere to reform and innovation and open development to focus on the transformation and upgrading of power, and the characteristics of benefit, collaboration to promote industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, complete infrastructure and people’s livelihood short board, to ensure the synchronization with the national building a well-off society, the basic completion of the Xijiang River waterway leading to the East and open city and layout optimization, livable urban core city group in southeast of Guangxi, struggling to walk in the forefront of the region’s economic and social development. This chart in the form of focusing on the next 5 years, Wuzhou development goals. In the next five years the goal of 1 stronger overall strength by 2020, GDP is more than double that in 2010, reached 166 billion yuan, per capita GDP reached 53000 yuan, industrial added value reached 77 billion yuan, fiscal revenue reached 16 billion yuan. The 2 industrial structure better by 2020, new industrialization, informatization, agricultural modernization level enhanced, advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and modern service industry to rise further, the three industrial structure adjustment is 9: 49: 42, the industry towards high-end level. The added value of emerging industries and the added value of services accounted for 42% of GDP and the proportion of GDP reached to 15%. 3 urban and rural development faster central city, county, small towns coordinated development, along with the corridor of the two districts of the basic pattern of the formation of the town of three. By 2020, the urban built-up area of 120 square kilometers, the resident population urbanization rate increased to 56%. 4 the development of more important areas of power and key aspects of reform has achieved remarkable results, Guangdong and Guangxi pilot area to give full play to the exemplary role, the basic formation of a new level of regional cooperation and opening up. 5 the human settlement environment is more beautiful, the main functional areas are basically formed, and the ecological economic system has been basically completed. 6 people’s lives better in 2020, the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents more than doubled in 2010, reaching more than 25000 yuan. All the poor people out of poverty, poor counties (districts), all the poor villages out of poverty hat.相关的主题文章: