43 year old professor is no longer the expiry of the recruitment of students to renew the contract f yvette yates

43 year old professor appointment not to renew the school 9 students facing embarrassment – Beijing for tutor of Xinhua news agency in Shanghai on August 26th new media news (reporter Chen Aiping Xu Xiaoqing) the tutor and school suddenly "break up", the students how to do? Recent media reports: opening soon, the 43 year old Professor Mao for "permanent track" (a teacher management professor) 6 year appointment at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, no contract, 9 of the students followed him Shuoboliandu or will face the embarrassment of the new semester for tutor. Since the introduction of market-oriented management mechanism in Colleges and universities, the school, mentor, students can not be good together scattered? How to protect the rights and interests of students? Temporarily become the focus of discussion. There will be school tutor, compared to the "parents", the students will be likened to "baby". As the "parents" and the "break up", if the teacher "baby" how to do? Why the teacher and school break up? [unfair dismissal, or compliance is not renewed? ] earlier media reports, "Mao Mou thinks he has been dismissed by the assessment, schools are illegal operation, causing hot Internet users and. This reporter repeatedly call Mao teacher, the other did not answer. Since then, he said in reply to the reporter’s message, the matter has been reflected to the relevant departments. For personal future plans, do not want to answer. At the same time, the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics responded, "for a final assessment of the professor, the school decided not to extend the expiration of contract, is in strict accordance with the provisions of the" Shanghai University of Finance and Economics "permanent track" teachers management measures "process." What is the permanent track? ] it is understood that Mao teacher from 2010 to the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, join the school launched the "permanent track" the ranks of teachers. So, what is the permanent track? Reporters access to the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, permanent track teacher management approach, that the school’s permanent track for the first time the contract period of 6 years. "Permanent track" teacher retention and promotion depends on its teaching and research, the service excellent performance in 3 areas. If the final examination of sixth years, the teacher was "permanent"; if not, the school will no longer hire the teacher. One of the characteristics of the "permanent track" mechanism is that the teacher "does not rise and go". Dean of the school of economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Tian Guoqiang introduction, which draws on the International College of employment mechanism, but also to encourage young teachers, so that they clearly see the bottom line. Combined with the relative income is rich, the annual salary system". The average ratio of teachers in general higherthandoubled starting salaries for many scholars to declare the "permanent track" is a kind of incentive. "Breaking up" is the case? Shanghai University of Finance and Economics data show that since 2004, the school has introduced more than 200 permanent teachers. Up to now, the contract expires 71 people, of whom 19 have been granted permanent office, accounting for more than 27%; the assessment of the failure of the resignation of the 21, accounting for nearly 30%. Other teachers or because they can not meet the requirements of the assessment and the initiative to terminate the permanent track contract, or other universities at home and abroad to attract". But in Tian Guoqiang’s view, learning"相关的主题文章: