42 Days To Cat 2010important Rules Of Grammar For Va-sexhu

Grammar is an integral part of the Verbal Ability section of CAT exam . By now, you already know what the basic rules of grammar are. All you need to have to score in this area is conceptual clarity and correct application of those concepts in the sentences. Sidharth Balakrishna, CAT expert, author and IIM Calcutta alumnus discusses in this article some more facets of the English Grammar. 1. Two actions both in past This is an important type of question that appears in entrance exams. If there are two actions that both occurred in the past, then which tense should you use for both? The answer is that for the one that occurred earlier, the past perfect tense should be used. For Example: — ‘I reached there before he came’ is wrong. Why? Because for the earlier action (your reaching there), the past perfect tense needs to be used. The correct sentence is therefore ‘I had reached there before he came’. — ‘The movie had started before I reached’ — The game had commenced before I switched on the TV 2. Plural form for wishes/ desires Another important type of question/ rule of grammar from the test perspective is, while expressing wishes or desires, use the plural form. Examples: –‘I wish I were a king’ –‘I wish I were a bird’ –‘He acted as if he were a king’ –‘He behaves as though he were my boss’ –If he were here… (not ‘if he was here’) 3. Phrases that go together There are certain phrases that always go together. These cannot be used in any other form. Some such phrases are: –‘Else’ is always followed by ‘but’ –‘No sooner’ is always followed by ‘than’ –‘Too’ is always used with ‘to’ –‘Hardly/ Scarcely’ must be followed by ‘when’ –‘The same’ is always followed by ‘That’ –‘Although’ is always followed by ‘yet’ –‘I’ is followed by ‘he’ (not ‘him’) –‘You’ can be followed by ‘him’ and ‘me’ Examples: –It is nothing else but fraud –No sooner had he come than I met him (not ‘no sooner had he come when I met him’) –He was too big to fit through the hole (you cannot just say ‘he is too big’ or ‘too good’) –Hardly had he come when I met him –This is the same person that came yesterday (not ‘who came yesterday) –Although he was aging, yet he was a good fielder –Besides you and me, they are also coming (not ‘besides you and I) –Along with you and me, they are also coming (not along with you and I) –I agree to you and him (not ‘you’ and ‘he’) To read the previous articles on English Grammar, click on the following links: .www.mbauniverse.com/article.php?id=3535 .www.mbauniverse.com/article/id/3515/Improve-your-grammar-%28P-2%29 ..mbauniverse../article.php?id=3477 Stay tuned to MBAUniverse.. for more on CAT 2010 preparation . .plete The Project Of Chemical Engineering Assignment With An Ease By: Richard Swayar – This academic help has proven very beneficial to the students. 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