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4 year old boy alone into the supermarket arm by revolving door " bit " live [news] October 2nd review of maternal Sohu around 5 in the afternoon, Tai’an Qiu Zhen a supermarket door, suddenly heard a shrill cry, an old man heard the news rushed over, anxiously sitting on the ground to see the boy. The old man for the boy’s grandfather, the sun and the sun after the end of the supermarket, the boy walked in front. The boy’s right arm was locked by the revolving door as he was about to turn the door. See this situation, a lot of customers around. It is suggested that the door reversal, but this plan was all negative. Because once the revolving door is rotated again, the child’s arm will be squeezed again by the glass door. We do not know how to deal with the moment, supermarket staff quickly dialed the police call for help. Dongguan Tai’an fire squadron rushed to the scene quickly. Firefighters using two iron stand, respectively above and below the support arm in children, with third pieces of iron to the revolving door and out quite a little gap open curved glass. The scene was strained, firefighters carefully rescue, the glass slowly expand the gap. After seven or eight minutes of effort, the boy pulled out of the arm, and was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. Medical examination found that due to timely rescue, the arm is not affected. 6 evening around 7 o’clock, the reporter came to Tai’an, a large supermarket door, then there are many customers with their children around the supermarket. Some children are in order through the revolving door, but also has four or five children, making a run out of the revolving door. Among them, a father and daughter out of the revolving door, the father often playing down the side of the mobile phone, the child ran out ahead of the revolving door, see the father not to come out, in a closing revolving door, quickly ran and ran. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed 17 parents, there are 8 parents said they believe the safety of public facilities in supermarkets, but also do not pay attention to some security details. Tai’an fire staff, parents should often carry out safety education for their children, so that they recognize the dangers of these electric devices, and compliance, accompanied by parents through. Source: Qilu Evening News reporter Zhang Wei [] with child mother reminder Sohu revolving door, elevator, escalator, parents must accompany, and good care of the children, the children are naturally curious and active, once accidentally knocked down and stuck, and so on mechanical grip, the worst case is likely to endanger life. 1, don’t let the children play in the automatic revolving door, don’t put the automatic revolving door as a large toy. 2, if less than 5 years old children want to automatically rotate the door, the parents had better hold the child through. If the child is a little older, it is best to hold the child’s hand. Try to keep the child in the side, away from the edge of the wing. 3, when moving the door wing is about to close, good care of children, do not let him rush into the line. 4, automatic revolving door next to have a console, once an accident, parents must promptly press the stop button, or as soon as possible to inform security personnel press the stop button.相关的主题文章: