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3000 point battle for brokerage stocks gradually recover nearly 600 million big rush to raise 8 leading shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money – reporter Wu Shan in Wednesday’s trading volume hit a new low in 4 months, the first weight plates in brokerage stocks yesterday counterattack, intraday stock was on average 5 days, return to 3000 points, although the close of trading of stock index fell again, but the performance of brokerage stocks is impressive. Yesterday, the brokerage sector as a whole rose above 1%, the stock trading, brokerage stocks all rose, the Pacific or the top, up to 4.68%, the state securities, Guoxin Securities also rose over 2%, respectively 2.14%, 2.11%, the first venture (1.91%), GF Securities (1.68%), Northeast Securities (1.58%), Soochow securities (1.57%), Sealand securities (1.46%), China Merchants Securities (1.37%), Kam Lung shares (1.26%), Founder Securities (1.24%), Societe Generale Securities (1.20%), Everbright Securities (1.06%), Changjiang Securities (1.05%) and other stocks also rose more than 1%. Surface of the capital, yesterday, 19 brokerage stocks showed a net inflow of large single trend, the cumulative net inflow of large single capital 712 million 971 thousand and 700 yuan, there are 14 stocks large single capital inflows over 10 million yuan, the Pacific, GF Securities, first capital, Soochow securities, Changjiang Securities, sealand securities, Societe Generale Securities, Founder Securities etc. 8 stocks large single capital inflows were 30 million yuan, 262 million 868 thousand and 200 yuan respectively, 75 million 162 thousand and 300 yuan, 47 million 514 thousand and 300 yuan, 47 million 125 thousand and 400 yuan, 39 million 600 thousand and 600 yuan, 32 million 618 thousand and 900 yuan, 31 million 811 thousand and 900 yuan, 30 million 707 thousand and 300 yuan, and these 8 stocks accumulated large net inflow of funds amounted to 567 million 408 thousand and 900 yuan. In this regard, analysts pointed out that the recent small rises fall to make broader sense of direction is unknown, the market wait-and-see atmosphere, although yesterday brokerage stocks led did not bring much waves to the market, but it is not difficult to find in recent years, whenever the market rose, stock brokerage has to carry the flag, now their repeated changes, still can to inspire play on investor psychology. In addition, according to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics show that the last 1 months, 17 brokerage stocks by institutional optimistic, in the overall plate operation, there are agencies that a wave of market rebound will appear in the four quarter of the brokerage stocks. Among them, Huaan Securities said that the first half of the year, continue to promote the reform of the capital market, the new board layered landing, Internet financial management, improve the system helps to stop the resumption, to further standardize the market, stimulate the vitality of the market. Deep through the fourth quarter of the third quarter, the reform of state-owned enterprises, such as multi-dimensional capital market reform will continue to promote the direct benefit of the securities sector. Plate valuation, brokerage stocks are currently at the bottom of the valuation, large brokerage around 1.6 times. In the context of the transformation of the industry, it is recommended to focus on the Internet strategy in the forefront of the industry Huatai Securities and small circulation, market theory相关的主题文章: