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300 thousand with the United States Department of SUV vs light on Kuwait [Brion free Pacific Automotive Network (micro-blog) guide channel] SUV Chinese comparison market competition is very motivated, not only occurred in the cheap rich configuration of independent brand SUV, in a joint venture in the SUV market competition is the fight to go forward with great strength and vigour. This time we bring two SUV consumers are very concerned about the two, they are from the focus on SUV Jeep professional SUV light – free city (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), and from Buick — keangkewei (ginseng, pictures, inquiry). The new Buick keangkewei comfortable space to bring pleasant journey the imported version of the free light on many attractions, such as the industry’s leading 9AT, excellent driving ability and rich technology configuration, while the domestic free light in retain these attractions and also with very competitive price, and intelligent vehicle control system is Uconnect attractive. While keangkewei sales this year 1-7 month sales took a joint venture SUV sales champion, showing its strength can not be underestimated, while keangkewei in order to keep the competitive level higher, the new models will be launched in September the upcoming Chengdu auto show. Comparison of models of information project free light 2016 2.4L universal edition keangkewei 2016 28T Almighty flagship 4WD sports official guide price of 315 thousand and 800 yuan 349 thousand and 900 yuan promotional discount cash 13 thousand yuan cash discount of about 15 thousand this year, the cumulative sales of 58532 Taiwan 131710 Taiwan related content evaluation models evaluation models – appearance contrast: fusion aesthetic and functional VS highlighting the details the quality model parameter configuration comparison models: models picture information: keangkewei 2016 28T 4WD decathlon flagship free light 2016 2.4L universal version of the official price: 349 thousand and 900 315 thousand and 800 manufacturers: SAIC Buick Guangzhou Fick Jeep level: medium SUV and medium SUV listed time: 2015-082015-11: 2.0T L42.4L L4 engine intake form: turbocharged and naturally aspirated maximum HP (PS): maximum torque (N· m):227.5 transmission: 6 tiptronic 9 block Since the one hand body type: 5 door 5 seat SUV5 door 5 seat SUV long × wide; × high (mm):4667× 1839× 16964649× 1859× 1695 wheelbase (mm): the maximum speed (km h) – the official 0-100km h acceleration (s):8.4- measured 0-100km h acceleration (s) measured:-11.33 100-0km h brake (m):-40.64 Ministry of integrated fuel consumption (L 100km):8.88.5 vehicle warranty: three years or three years or 100 thousand kilometers 100 thousand kilometers of body type: SUVSUV length width (mm): (mm): height (m)相关的主题文章: