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UnCategorized Extra virgin olive oil can be a very expensive product, however, there is absolutely no argument that can be made against the huge advantages and benefits gained from regular use. The product is well worth it’s cost. The problem isn’t in value, but instead lies in misunderstanding. Many people hold beliefs about this 3,000 year old creation that cause them to purchase highly priced products that are imitations of the real thing. There are many things you should know in order to get the best quality and have the best experience. Once you do, you will never look at the product the same way again, and question how you ever lived so long without it. The 3 Huge Myths About Extra Virgin Olive Oil Although there are many more than these 3, the chances are extremely good that you believe at least one of these three myths. Take a look at these myths and evaluate for yourself whether or not you have really had the opportunity to truly experience this amazingly refreshing product. You will certainly be surprised by some of the information you are about to read. 1.The first myth we need to clear up is that there are no regulations on labeling these types of products. Many products claim to be "extra virgin" but the truth is that these products aren’t even close. What makes this worse is that they rob people with the prices they charge for their fake imitation. The real product is judged based on the exact extraction process used, color standards, and taste tests. In fact, when shopping, if there is any degree of sediment at the bottom of the bottle or if the product looks cheaply made, the chances are extremely good that it’s an overly priced fake. 2.This myth is one of the most unknown facts out there. Although we think of Italy when we think about these types of products and oils, Spain is currently the largest producer of the currently labeled the finest products in the world. The worst part of this is that the only oil that is considered to be genuine, real, and original .es from a small section of Italy and only releases 3,000 gallons a year. The rest may be made from olives and taste fantastic, but it’s not true oil. 3.Finally on our list of myths about extra virgin olive oil is in the process used for making it. For most vegetable based oils, a chemical process is used in order to extract the necessary ingredients while at the same time using high pressure. In turn, there is no chemical process used for creating this incredible product. There is even a rating based on how many times extractions have been made from the leaves of the plant. The type discussed here is taken from the very first press. That’s the only process used to create the oils, lot’s of pressure and patience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: