28 days before the market downturn report private market earned 3.24% won the crown on the master-y580

28 days before the market downturn report: private master market earned 3.24% won the crown on the host by the Tencent financial, China investment securities brokerage chief cooperation 2016 "world expert meeting" and "private – private equity division expert meeting" the end of the third week third game for the day, at the top of the "CC" of today’s loss of 1.18%, although temporarily still yield 6.86% and second ranked first, but the gap is still reduced to less than 1%, the top position in jeopardy. "The beach walks" today gain of 1.1% to 6.05% of the total revenue ranked second. Last week champion Liaoning "recorded positive returns to 1.59% investment today, on the 6.04% of the total revenue that currently third of the gap between the top two and he has been very close to. Stock index fell 0.34% shock hit a low level of A shares after the highlight of the impact of the holiday, the shock of the day all the year round fell in the city of today, the stock index opened on the station after the shock of all the way down after 3000 points, the volume hit a new low after the fuse. The hot plate is scarce, as of the close, the stock index fell 0.34% points to 2987, Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.09% points to 10467. The disk, only the concept of apple, lithium batteries and a few other subjects are more active, the lack of other hot plate, the enthusiasm of investors is not high. Industry analysts said the market hot up or down, holiday effect is increasingly evident. Overall, the willingness to drop in the field of capital operation, OTC funds continued to wait and see, shock differentiation is still the main theme of the market. Loose money, earned 3.24% won the championship day live despite the downturn, there are still private exchange expert master catch Niugu, loose money today 3.24% gains, "goldlak", "gold price window" respectively to 2.38%, 2.31% of the daily returns a list of 2, revenue Liege 3. Look at the loose money positions, the players currently Mancang four stocks, Sichuan Jinding, East China heavy machine, Fujian cement, Dayang creation and other four stocks, the first awkwardness Sichuan Jinding today pulled from the lower shock, closed up 3.49%. The remaining few stocks are down. Loose money market today earn 3.24%, that has been part of stocks rose higher than the goods, and then began the layout of other oversold stocks, want to know his specific operation? You can subscribe to master operation, timely detection of niugu. [Chengdu] free subscription mechanism of real time operation e Wu Sheng Teng fund earned 4.38% weeks still first week week list rankings, Chengdu Wu Sheng Teng e fund today a loss of 1.02%, but still yield 4.38% first week provisional list. "Sisyphus", "cruiser" were 3.35%, respectively, the yield of the week ranked 2, 3 place in the list of 2.1%. Overall, the National Day holiday approaching, the market shrinkage shock pattern is difficult to break, so in the market, in order to achieve substantial gains more and more difficult, how can such a market in talent shows itself, will also be more private institutions strength test. "Private expert meeting" the preliminary stage, the registration of private institutions still open channels, to show the strength of the institutions still entered the competition. Click to participate in online registration相关的主题文章: