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23 to 26 will be the coldest weather since 1992? Don’t believe! In November 13th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the recent individual WeChat group propagation is expected since 23~26 days in Jiangxi province in 1992 will be the coldest weather ", the Provincial Meteorological Bureau has passed WeChat public release solemnly declare: This is false information, please do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors. At first glance, the coldest weather since 1992, the description, the reporter felt very familiar with the original, which is in January this year, the provincial meteorological department issued a weather forecast. At that time, the meteorological department issued the forecast information, this year there will be significant weather low temperature freezing rain and snow the night of January 20th to 26 in our province, which has 23 days to 26 days, I will be the most cold weather in 1992, after the weather, confirms the analysis before the meteorological department forecast, this year our province is in late January 1992 since the cold. Reporters found that the contents of the recent spread of WeChat, and in January this year, the provincial meteorological department released the same forecast information. In other words, it was taken in January this year, the weather forecast to release the. No matter the initiator of evil is the motive, the reporter is here to remind the sentence: this behavior intolerable, recklessly weather is illegal! Causing casualties or major property losses, constitutes a crime, will be prosecuted for criminal responsibility according to law. For a long time, the newspaper and the provincial, Nanchang meteorological department to maintain close contact, timely reports released a large number of weather forecast information. At the same time, the Sina official blog @ Southern Metropolis Daily, the official WeChat (micro signal: jndsb123) weather forecasts are also derived from the meteorological department, the reader may be concerned about the official newspaper, Bo administrative micro-blog, grasp the authority of the weather forecast.相关的主题文章: