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[2016] corn Bacon heart Chiffon Cake – Sohu and baking is a gradual process, from the first time I made cookies to now have 3 years of time, in the process also abused many times, and I also love every time to do something different, different delicacy can stimulate people’s yearning for a better life. Just as there are so many different shapes of the mould on the market, in fact, a prescription in different mold have let people have different experience, round cake will make people feel is a traditional birthday cake Square, let a person feel a low-key, heart-shaped cake to express love wait, so sometimes changing a mold is a change of heart, this method with friends wish to do a Zuoai delicacy has long long Chiffon Cake, for the common sweet chiffon, sweet and salty Chiffon is very special! Prepare materials for egg 2 Bacon 2 pieces of corn salad sauce 30G 10G sugar 13G (Dan Huang) 30G sugar (protein) salt water 2G 20G salad oil 20G low gluten flour production process 33G 1 will be Dan Huang and separated into protein no water and oil pot, Dan Huang added sugar stir until the sugar dissolved 2 egg salad oil add water and stir until completely mixed 3 sieve low powder into the egg, stir until no thirst can spare 4 granular protein into the refrigerator until the time sent three times adding sugar, will send to the protein will not disappear 5 lines will be sent a good protein cream a small part of Dan Huang into paste and method for cutting the cake mix paste stir and then stir 6 The batter into cream uniformly stirred 7 mixing the batter into the heart-shaped mold half 8 salad uniform mounted on the surface of the 9 cake paste then corn and diced Bacon sprinkled on the surface of the 10 finally left the cake batter cake paste were covered in the above ingredients, and shock a few will shock out of the bubble and the cake surface becomes smooth 11 preheat oven 150 degrees bake for 45 minutes baking tips 1 this prescription can do 4 three Connaught house 4 inch heart-shaped mould. 2 Chiffon Cake within the ingredients can be replaced according to their own preferences, can also add a little black pepper to taste. 3 when baking the cake as far as possible not to open the oven door, after baking, stuffy for 3 minutes and then come out, while the shock of the mold shock out of the heat inside, after full cooling can be released directly to the bare hand.相关的主题文章: