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2016 winter boots in the hitchhiker’s Guide to the   fine fashion person demonstration – Fashion – people.com.cn original title: 2016 winter boots in the hitchhiker’s Guide to the fashion fine person you love fashion model, whether or not the same irresistible charm and our boots, even the cupboard had several pair of boots, every autumn and winter couldn’t help looking for beautiful boots trail, boots trend this season and collocation is very special, the beauty of you don’t miss our analysis trend: popular boots shoes with thick suede this year and the past few seasons, with the popular thick boots, retro fashion both personality charm, but significant the change of the season this year, light wear 70 ‘s suede is not enough, to exchange the old granny style dark flannel, shimmering with light, and the red indigo, the most popular are Icon:Kendall, Jenner, Gi GI Hadid has repeatedly to suede heel boots collocation of various other street! This season’s boots of life, is this pair of friends! The basic models of classic black boots a pair of simple black boots shoes is every girl must have the necessary funds, a simple jeans is very stylish, but also can wear out quarterly. If you want a little more Chic, the main season is the partial shoe styles include boots long pointed, slightly upward extending to the middle of the calf and ankle position, choose the retro vamp lacquer skin, Black Slim Slim pants good collocation! (commissioning editor: Liu Boxue, Li?)相关的主题文章: