18 year old girl to marry him at the age of 60, users for their children to break the heart of the b-fkzww

A 18 year old girl to marry 60 year old uncle, friends for their children – Sohu mother fuck broken heart recently there is a shocking news, a 18 year old British girl to 60 year old uncle courtship success, two people began living in sin. It spread to the Internet, gain a lot of praise and blessing, but also a lot of people said it could not accept the understanding, it is wrong of her to do so. In fact, similar to the sun is not rare, but most are not optimistic, one of the very real reason is the birth problem. The female egg cell will decrease with age, generally after menopause does not have fertility, while male reproductive age does not explicitly limit theoretically the lives of men have sperm, can birth, news often also reported sixty or seventy year old male when Dad, but the men in the family really no age limit? There are relationship between fertility and testis, male reproductive age best men aged 25-35 spermatogenic ability, semen quantity, sperm quantity, activity, in theory, in the absence of special reasons, male life can have sperm fertility may. But as men age, body function decline, coupled with the impact of inflammation, diet, environment, lower testosterone levels, sperm epididymal fluid secretion, lack of nutrition, will affect sperm maturation and male spermatogenic ability will be weakened, and the probability of the woman’s pregnancy decreased gradually after the age of 50 will be significantly decreased. In general, the best male reproductive period is 25 years old to the age of 35. Two, the father of age children also have 1 male age, increase the wife more easily male age abortion easily lead to DNA sperm breakage or recession, so even if the wife of a successful pregnancy, abortion rate is higher than that of normal women. Studies have found that men under 30 years old, female abortion rate was 10%-15%, and when men over the age of 40, women’s abortion rate rose to 30%. 2 men older children may lower the foreign study found that there is relationship between the child’s IQ and the age of the father, according to a survey of 461 unexplained low IQ children that their father is generally high in some age, IQ test, father high age children generally score lower. 3 men older, children more likely to suffer from heart disease is the results of the study showed that compared with students under the age of 30 the father of the child, the child physique index lower over 35 years old father, the content of LDL is up to 21%. Low levels of HDL may increase the risk of heart disease. Pictures from the network to provide quality medical doctors Dudu online health services for the incubation period of family, pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum open equipment, 0~3 years old baby related health open class, can also turn a key three doctor telephone, let pregnant and parenting more simple. Welcome to add group 490752568, and more treasure mom exchange相关的主题文章: