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Small cats 18 cats shed fire killed residents suspected the human original title: cattery fire 18 cats died at noon yesterday, Chaoyang District build Ahn Jung Xili district residents downstairs cat homes on fire, 18 stray cats are killed. This is the second cat fire in the city within a week, and the cat suspects that the cat’s house fire was not an accident, and hoped that the police would be involved in the investigation. Cattery residential building fire bring disaster to the Beijing Morning Post reporter saw two District No. 20 on the eastern side of a corner in Jung RI remaining cattery. Fire occurred at 12 o’clock yesterday, firefighters rushed to the scene, about half an hour later put out the fire. According to eyewitness accounts, the cat’s house was lit instantly and the fire was fierce, and the smoke rose very high along the wall of the building. The burned cat homes are located on the first floor tenants outside the balcony corner, an area of about 5 square meters, one meter high metal fence periphery were burned beyond recognition. The scattered inside and cat food bowl, that there were a group of living life. In addition to the burning cat homes were completely destroyed, one or two tenants cattery beside the bedroom has been a calamity, no glass windows, interior walls were blackened, items are burned outside the building wall, one to six layers have different degrees of burn. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the accident. A week after the two case of police investigation, the fire broke out, some love volunteers rushed to hear, from the cat’s door to clean up the body of 4 cats. A man told reporters that there were 18 cats in all, none of them escaped. "These cats are Laoruobingcan, made birth control surgery, so there is no spring estrus nuisance may. And some cats have just finished the surgery, we fear that the wound is not healed before the circle here, and so on after the resumption of health in winter will be put out, I did not expect to encounter such a thing". It is understood that the cat house was built by the residents living in the floor and the other two often came here to feed the cat loving people, the purpose is to let some of the sick and the disabled victims can shelter stray cats and ensure their food and clothing. A caring person said, everyone is good to them, often with cat food and water to feed, "if they are alive and kicking, who also don’t want to take them around". In addition, there are also caring people believe that cat house fire is not accidental. "Some time ago you’anmen happens once happened here today, I hope the public security organs to the investigation as soon as possible." But for specific reasons for the fire, the fire department is still under investigation. Li lawyers say is artificially suspected arson Chen express Beijing Gongcheng lawyer told reporters, as it was a malicious arson investigation confirmed that persons suspected of arson, arson. Judicial authorities have the right to conviction and sentencing according to the degree of damage to public security and the extent of damage to public and private property. In this case, property and building the residents of the home will be damaged, but the damage to the life of stray cats, temporarily unable to determine the nature of property and the corresponding value, so the impact on the suspect’s sentencing also no conclusion, just a cat may end they will suffer moral condemnation, therefore to strengthen the animal protection legislation prop

小区内流浪猫舍起火18只猫丧命 居民怀疑系人为   原标题:猫舍失火 18只猫丧命   昨日中午,朝阳区安贞西里小区一居民楼下搭建的猫舍起火,18只流浪猫全部命丧火海。这是一周之内本市发生的第二起猫舍着火事件,爱猫人士怀疑猫舍失火并非意外,希望警方介入调查。   猫舍起火 殃及居民楼   北京晨报记者在安贞西里二区20号楼的东侧一角落看到残存的猫舍。火灾发生在昨日12时许,消防人员很快赶到现场,约半个小时后将火扑灭。根据目击者的描述,猫舍被点燃的瞬间火势凶猛,浓烟顺着楼房墙体升起很高。   被烧毁的猫舍位于一层住户阳台外的角落,面积约5平方米,外围一米多高的金属栅栏被烧得面目全非。里面散落的猫粮和食盆,表明这里曾有着一群鲜活的小生命。   除了着火的猫舍完全被毁以外,猫舍旁一、二层住户的卧室也遭了殃,窗户上玻璃全无,室内墙体全被熏黑,物品也都被烧毁,楼外墙体一到六层都有不同程度的烧毁。所幸事故中并无人员伤亡。   一周两案 盼警方调查   火灾发生后,一些爱心志愿者闻讯赶来,从猫舍门口收拾出4具猫的尸体。一位男士告诉记者,里面总共有18只猫,没有一只逃出来。“这些猫都是老弱病残,做过节育手术,所以不存在春天发情扰民的可能。而且有些猫是刚做完手术,我们怕伤口没愈合才圈在这里,等过了冬天恢复健康就会放出去,没想到遇到这样的事儿”。   据了解,这个猫舍是住在一层的居民和另外两位经常来此喂猫的爱心人士所建,目的就是让一些受虐致残和患病的流浪猫能够有安身之处并保证他们的温饱。一位爱心人士表示,周围的人都很善待它们,经常有人带着猫粮和水来喂,“要是它们都活蹦乱跳的,谁也不想把它们圈起来”。   此外,也有爱心人士认为猫舍着火并非偶然事件。“前段时间右安门发生一次,今天又在这儿发生,希望公安机关能尽快调查。”但对于具体起火原因,消防部门还在进一步的调查中。   ■律师说法   如是人为 涉嫌放火罪   北京市竞天公诚律师事务所陈抒律师告诉记者,如经侦查确认是有人恶意放火,那么放火者涉嫌放火罪。司法机关有权根据其对公共安全的危害程度和对公私财产的破坏程度来定罪量刑。在本事件中,居民家中的财物以及楼体都受到损害,但是对于流浪猫的生命损害,暂无法判定其财产性质和对应价值,因此对嫌疑人的量刑影响亦暂无定论,就虐猫一事也许最后他们只会遭受道德上的谴责,因此也希望能加强动物保护方面的立法。   ■相关链接   一周前 右安门猫舍起火   市民李女士在右安门附近建了一个爱心猫舍,喂养了30多只猫。据介绍,它们多是一些老弱病残的流浪猫,李女士为它们搭建了一个帐篷,在帐篷内安置了10个猫笼和一些废旧沙发及被褥取暖,准备等气温回暖以后将它们放出。而且为了避免有卫生和安全隐患,这些猫咪全部打了疫苗并进行了节育手术。但在2月17日晚8点左右,猫舍在毫无预兆的情况下突然起火,30条小生命葬身火海。   北京晨报96101现场新闻   记者 张静姝 线索 :辰先生 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: