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13 of cancer can be cured – Sohu health, although we do not know enough about the cancer, but the statistics found that 13 of cancer can be cured, and the cure is the premise of early detection. According to statistics, the number of new cancer patients in China each year nearly 2 million 200 thousand, in 2015 is to reach 4 million 300 thousand, and according to the statistics found that the early treatment of patients who are less than 10%, which greatly delayed the best treatment opportunity. In situ cancer cure incidence of 90% cancers can be divided into in situ cancer, cancer, cancer and clinical early mid advanced carcinoma in four stages, which refers to its in situ carcinoma in situ just bad, this is if you get rid of them by some methods, such as radiotherapy and surgery can be cured, the cure rate can be carcinoma in situ reached 95%. Foreign had reported that a 9 year old daughter, the father of appendicitis during surgery because the hospital doctors worry that Water Leakage ceiling, infection during surgery he intra-abdominal, abdominal examination more carefully, the results found in pancreatic cancer. Fortunately, the cancer is early, the doctor make a prompt decision to notify the family and removal of the lesions. As a result, the father recovered, he has been accompanied by his daughter married, married. The early clinical cure rate of up to 50% in early cancer refers to early cancer in clinic can be determined, the tumor has cancer obvious characteristics, but is still relatively small, no impact on the surrounding organs, no distant metastasis. The effective rate of radiotherapy or surgery was 50%. Interim cancer active treatment, can long diagnosed middle cancer refers to some local damage to the surrounding tissue, one or two lymph node metastasis, the positive treatment, diet, lifestyle changes, survival over 5 years is not difficult. Today, with the rapid development of medical technology, prolonging survival means more opportunities. A puzzled, discussion comments…… attached: 1, 25.24% and 2 cases of lung cancer ranked 3, 14.42%, 14.33% and 4 liver cancer, 9.29% gastric cancer, 5 esophageal colorectal cancer 7.88%, 7, 3.66% and 6 pancreatic cancer breast cancer 2.84%, 9, 8 leukemia 2.37% head tumor 2.15% 10, 2.08% 11, 15.73% other lymph cancer including breast cancer colorectal cancer is in the city of Guangzhou, in the death of malignant tumor.相关的主题文章: