12 year old girl was fellow to take the opportunity to escape to Shandong-步步高i606

12 year old girl was "Hometown" brought to Shandong 5 days later took the opportunity to escape the original title: 12 year old girl was "Hometown" brought to Shandong for 5 days to bring the opportunity to escape fellow 12 year old daughter to go out to play, who knows this, together with the villagers missing daughter. 5 days later, Mr. Ming in Xianyang once again get the news of his daughter, the phone is from Shandong, Heze…… "To see my daughter in my side, I feel uncomfortable and happy." November 1st morning, the 52 year old mr.. Mr. Ming is Shandong Linyi people, a dozen years ago into Xianyang, in the District of Xianyang city Shuangzhao street cuijiacun. At noon on October 26th, he is a fellow of Shandong to his home for dinner and drinks after dinner to bring Mr. Ming’s 12 year old daughter flowers (a pseudonym) to go out to play, but the dark daughters still did not come back, Mr. ming to the villagers to call, but the phone shut down. That night, Mr. Ming had a sleepless night, looking for her daughter. Wait until the afternoon of the second day, Mr. Ming finally got through the fellow’s phone, the other said the flowers in Yuquan West Road lost, then hastily hung up the phone, mr.. Mr. Ming and Yuquan West Road in the vicinity of the night, the next morning early warning. October 31st at 2 pm, Mr. Ming suddenly received a phone call from Shandong, Heze, the other side is the disappearance of the daughter of the day, but she could not tell where they are in the 5. Words have not yet finished, the villagers appeared on the other side of the phone in Shandong, said the child was sent home in the evening, and hastily hung up. When Mr. Ming anxious, 7 pm on October 31st, the daughter and another cell phone number in Heze to call, Dad, I do not know where I am, but far away from home." The owner is a local restaurant owner, the phone told Mr. Ming, a small man in his restaurant, he felt strange, I was told she was forcibly brought to Shandong after the escape. The next day, Mr. Ming arrived in Shandong, Heze, see 6 days have not met the daughter. On the afternoon of November 1st, Xiao Hua told the China Daily reporter by telephone, in October 26th she was "small Shandong" to Xi’an, and then go farther and farther. October 31st afternoon, in Shandong, Julu, she took the opportunity to escape the county of. Speaking of the Shandong fellow, "I don’t know what his name was, we usually call him" little Shandong "," Ming recalled, at the end of August, he went to the factory near the scrap with her daughter, met with the villagers working in the factory. After that, small Shandong will take the initiative to his home to chat, drink. It is reported that the police are still looking for small Shandong whereabouts. China Daily reporter intern reporter Wang Wang Rong editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: