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UnCategorized Out of the listed ten, the one which is invariably liked and worn by a majority of the brides is thought to be the red lehenga choli when combined with ornaments. As we will see shortly this is not always true. 10. Varanasi saris are very beautiful and popular as bridal wear. The extraordinary embellishments on the sari make it look alluring and exquisite. You wear a blouse that agrees with the sari and also wear complimenting jewels like necklace, bangles, earrings, nose rings, fist ornaments, anklets etc. You will hardly come across any bride wearing long sleeved blouses. Brides belonging to northern part of India, i.e. Varanasi, UP, Uttaranchal, are in favor of wearing his. 9. Preferably a red sari is worn with a blouse that goes with the sari and a flattering dupatta/veil over the head. Sari, as you must have known, is a long cloth about 6 m. donned by most Indian women, is symbolic of bridal wear in India. A red sari is the most preferred ensemble for the bride in Indian marriages. The red sari should be accompanied by a short-sleeved blouse. Saris may not look as stylish as a lehenga, but brides who hail from conventional regions of India like, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bengal and South India, normally like to wear saris. Then, they prefer a juda on the head and cover it with a dupatta/veil. Jewels made of gold are recommended to be worn with this. 8. Baluchuri saris when worn with short sleeve matching blouses in lovely colors of blue, green and golden etc looks mesmerizing. Brides from eastern part of India i.e. Bengal, Assam and Orissa like to wear this kind of apparel. . The more intricate work on the sari the costlier it will be. There are enchanting designs and hues available. 7. Some brides prefer to wear Kota saris which are very attractive. This sari is preferred by the bride as an adornment for the head. The checks lend a special elegance to the sari. Chequered saris consisting of two shades lend an ethereal look to a sari. A contrast-colored blouse with short sleeves is worn with the sari. 6. Red lehenga choli A bright red lehenga choli with a lovely dupatta to match with eye catching embellishments on it is the favorite bridal wear as compared to any other. Red symbolizes love and a new alliance, making it the privileged color. Short sleeves are preferred as they enable easily visibility of an assortment of jewels worn with the dress. You will have to match your apparel with your accessories if you are wearing diamond ornaments. Ensure that your dress has golden adornments on it incase you are wearing gold ornaments. 5. Some brides like to wear an ensemble comprising salwar, kameez and dupatta, with the kameez having small sleeves. Brides go for varying hues of red, pink and maroon, as these bright colors add beauty to salwar, kameez and dupatta ensemble. Salwar and kameez are not complete without adequate golden embellishments on them. Very light net or silk dupatta of the same shade is preferred. A wholesome combination of salwar, kameez and dupatta is the preferred wedding apparel of many brides from Punjab and Northern India. Gold jewelry is a common preference, but these days, some are switching over to diamond and platinum. A bridal wear is incomplete with chudi. A lovely assortment of red, white and gold bangles is called chudi and famously worn on wedding day by a bride. 4. The dazzling and shining Zardosi saris are also very popular. Mostly dark-colored Zardosi saris are worn along with ornate jewelry. Being heavily-set, these saris are preferred less, but all the same, some wear them. Zardosi saris were very much in vogue before. The brides normally wear short-sleeved blouses again with this sari. They resemble salwar kameez, but the main difference is in the salwar or lower garment. 3. The expansive material used in Patiala salwar, adds to the grace and elegance of the dress. Short kameez (kurti) goes well with Patiala salwar, preferably darker version of red, pink, or orange. 2. A ghaghra choli is considered an apt replacement for lehenga choli, worn mostly by the brides from western part of India, i.e., Rajasthan, Gujarat and Haryana. Any kind of Gujarati design or color will suit a ghaghra. Bright colored ghaghras preferably in the shades of red, pink, yellow, orange and maroon look beautiful. Small sleeves blouses are worn mainly so that one can get to see the ornaments around the arms clearly and the overall effect is stunning. 1. Bengali brides from West Bengal in India like to wear Bangladeshi Dhakai saris and blouses. You will notice Bangladeshi brides wearing this sari on their wedding day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: