Volkswagen Passat offers 35 thousand intermediate car sales Wang aizi

Volkswagen Passat offers 35 thousand king size car sales promotion time: 2016.10.23-2016.10.26 2016 Volkswagen Passat 380TSI DSG Royal honour edition Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix area editor learned from the Beijing Yongan Automobile Service Co., the dealer, the store currently has a large number of car Passat cars in the sale, Car Buying can offer 35 thousand yuan. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: the price of the latest price change table Passat quotation unit: million model guidance price discount inventory situation 2016 330TSI DSG 22.29 18.79 edition honor inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2016 330TSI DSG Royal honour edition 24.39 20.89 inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2016 380TSI DSG Royal honour edition 25.79 22.29 inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2016 380TSI DSG Extreme Edition 29.39 25.89 inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2016 3.0L V6 DSG 33.29 ultimate 29.79 inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful more concessions please contact the dealer for free Tel: 400-068-1313 6672016 Volkswagen Passat 380TSI DSG Royal honour Edition: financial policy of insurance, priced at 257 thousand and 900 to 2016 380TSI DSG Royal honour edition models as an example the first year of the new car, insurance costs 8 thousand yuan. According to the calculation of loans, the benchmark interest rate 30% down payment period of three years, Shoufu 110 thousand yuan (including cars, licensing, insurance, purchase tax and security etc.), for the month in 4 thousand and 400. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance fee: Volkswagen Passat models enjoy 3 years 100 thousand km vehicle warranty. Regular maintenance cycle for every 5000 km to replace oil, machine filter, the cost of about 500 yuan. Replace the oil filter costs about 800 yuan, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. Volkswagen Passat car maintenance insurance information table information maintenance warranty period of 3 years 100 thousand km maintenance cycle 5000 kilometers replace the oil filter costs about $500 to replace the oil filter costs about 800 yuan loan insurance first year insurance costs 8 thousand yuan Shoufu costs 110 thousand yuan to the specific cost information for reference to the store for accounting tabulating Phoenix car: > > more details please consult the dealer < < whether a car: Car Dealer Name: Beijing Yongan Automobile Service Co. Ltd. distributor address: Beijing city Changping District machikou town Baiquan Village No. 652 (high-speed Beijing Tibet)相关的主题文章:

Exo first person! South Korea’s first public Zhang Yixing solo songs (video)

EXO first person! Zhang Yixing and SOLO Zhang Yixing Zhang Yixing’s first public song "what U need? ". Zhang Yixing became the first debut in the Chinese solo EXO member of the Tencent entertainment news on October 7th, EXO Zhang Yixing (LAY, S.M.ENTERTAINMENT spp.) in the birthday will first open SOLO U need song" what "?. Zhang Yixing will be 7 at noon on the 12 (South Korea time) in China and South Korea open what U need? ", and MV will also open and the sound source, is expected to be highly concerned by the music fans. "U need what? "Is a song composed by fashion rhythm and melody rhythm of the middle funky groove pop genre of the song, Zhang Yixing personally involved in songwriting, looking forward to more double. Lyrics contained in the charm of the lovers can not get rid of the mood, the strength of the production team Devine-Channel also involved in the production, eye-catching. In particular, the new song is a special gift for the Chinese SOLO album Zhang Yixing on the occasion of the birthday for fans to open, become a topic. 9, 2009, held in Busan, South Korea, ‘the 2016 Asian Music Festival’ in the first stage of the new song, will get a good response. In addition, Zhang Yixing in the deployment of EXO activities, and through the SM digital single open channel "STATION" discloses personally involved in the lyrics and music arranger SOLO song "monologue", again singing writers face authentication. Plus, Zhang Yixing starred in the Jiangsu satellite TV "Oriental TV" and "Mr. Chiu gate" and other works of the network playback volume exceeded 10 billion, and from China and South Korea launched active in various fields. Zhang Yixing endured the "back" record shows good distressed!相关的主题文章:

Due to a copy of the medical records blocked a grassroots court to the provincial hospital op winfast

Because copy medical records blocked   grass-roots court to the provincial hospital out of 100 thousand yuan ticket — Society — original title: because the grass-roots court blocked copy medical records to the provincial hospital out of 100 thousand yuan ticket today in Henan City Gulou District People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the "Drum Tower court") to a Henan Province People’s Hospital out of 100 thousand yuan ticket what city intermediate people’s Court of the Political Department of a staff member to the Chinese Youth Daily reporter? Youth online responded, "the case is pending, the two officers in the event of behavior, intermediate people’s court has launched a survey, is expected this week to publish relevant information society." Recently, due to the drum tower court staff to Henan Province People’s Hospital copy medical records failed, Gulou court of Henan Province People’s Hospital opened a 100 thousand yuan fine decision. Henan Province People’s Hospital refused to accept the decision, to the city intermediate people’s court for reconsideration. The two sides issued a statement on the matter, but there are many inconsistencies. Kaifeng intermediate people’s court immediately said in a public statement, has accepted the application for reconsideration, the proceedings will be held in accordance with the law. Henan Provincial Planning Commission Propaganda Department staff to Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporters will continue to focus on the matter, and urge the attention to the investigation of Henan Province People’s Hospital. The court evidence has blocked? On August 21st at 1:47 in the morning, Gulou court issued a statement on its official website said, the hospital and police officers in the process to obtain evidence in Henan Province People’s Hospital, verification of several obstacles are endless difficulties, for no reason to shirk, according to relevant provisions of the "civil law", to a fine of 100 thousand yuan to Henan Province People’s Hospital to prejudice the civil behavior. The statement said that the two police officers on the morning of August 19th, more than 10 points to the investigation and verification of the parties in the case of Henan Province People’s Hospital Liang Moumou for in-patient medical records of real materials. The hospital medical records staff to delay time to copy, and repeatedly call the phone contact with others. The hospital and police officers repeatedly urged and explained, but the medical record department staff still ignored. After two police officers to obtain complete formalities in the medical department and official words after 3 p.m. to once again rushed to the Department of medical records, but the medical record department staff also delayed for various reasons until 5 in the afternoon is not handled. But this argument but there is a big difference with the Henan Province People’s Hospital argument. The hospital on the evening of August 21st issued a statement on its official WeChat platform to respond, the hospital has always been active and active with the court law enforcement, there is no obstruction of judicial enforcement behavior. The hospital, according to a statement issued by the morning of August 19th, nearly 11 points, two plainclothes officer holding a letter of introduction to the court of the hospital medical record department, request copy medical records, and wants to check with hospital number and name Liang Moumou respectively and obtain medical records. The hospital staff after consulting the medical records found that the number of patients reported to be hospitalized for a two year old child, but visitors do not know the name of the child. The hospital said, for the sake of prudence, the staff did not immediately copy the medical records, but requires two people to complete the formalities, and to the medical record department of the medical department相关的主题文章:

The media enterprises in Europe buy buy buy the acquisition of new network in the world without end

The media enterprises in Europe "buy buy buy": the acquisition of desire like new network world without end – Reference News Network October 1st, Hong Kong media reported that from the football club to the robot factory, and then to the private banking business to buy, Chinese European assets desire seems to be world without end. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on September 26th, in Europe, on the one hand, China panic buying European assets for them is a good deal; on the other hand, they are increasingly worried about Chinese will best buy europe. Last year, Beijing announced the China made 2025 action initiative, which is an ambitious plan to promote China to become a world power in 10 years. Since then, this complex sentiment in Europe further intensified. The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China has held a round table meeting to discuss the industrial revolution in china". The president of the European Chamber of Commerce Chinese Joerg Wu said: "looks like a Turk? Chinese was holding a shopping list is very long." He said that this may exacerbate the outside world, "Red China will buy Europe" concerns. In May this year, China appliance manufacturers Midea Group announced the acquisition of German robot maker KUKA after the controversy. This is one of China’s largest investment in europe. Wuttke said: "for Chinese investors, the purchase of European airports is normal, but it is difficult to imagine European companies doing the same thing in china." He has been calling for equal treatment for European companies in china. The European Union Chamber of Commerce Chinese annual report released this month, so far this year, Chinese enterprise investment in Europe has reached 110 cases, whether completed or upcoming investment case, "this is a very strong year". The report said the economic downturn, unfriendly treatment and the RMB exchange rate fluctuations in the test of European companies in china. Reported that after the European sovereign debt crisis in Europe, especially in China’s private and public enterprises become more money, the European corporate assets are increasingly attractive to Chinese enterprises. China has now become the world’s second largest economy. European companies have become the most popular target for Chinese companies, the acquisition of them can diversify their investment and become a shortcut to enhance the value chain. The general manager of Zhejiang Tonglu County high luggage maker Holdings Limited Pan Aifang made a wise choice in 2011, seized the acquisition of 1993 was founded in Antwerp in Belgium haygreen brand opportunities. Pan Aifang said: in 2008 the global financial crisis swept overseas markets, our exports fell sharply. This allows us to recognize the OEM production mode, we are in the low-end of the value chain, in each round of market volatility, destined to be the greatest impact." Since then, high holding began looking for opportunities to buy ready-made brand, and the emphasis shifted from low value-added OEM production mode. In 2011 the European debt crisis brings opportunities to it, the company did not hesitate to buy a brand haygreen. Pan Aifang said that after spending $60 million to acquire the company to upgrade its own market相关的主题文章:

The net under the traditional life of the gift of nature is the most delicious 3u8895

The net under the traditional life of the gift of nature is the best fishing net. Hainan Daily reporter Li Congjiao photo sky, crowds, resounding chant lingering cloud sail fishing. In the sea of life people have deep love for the sea; people have not seen the sea, the sea has infinite longing. Thousands of people together, the singing passion, joy of harvest dragnet. "Go to the seaside, go to net!" How much fun of the harvest! The sea and blue sky nets under the traditional life of endless rippling in remote distance on the eastern outskirts of the coastal fishermen generations Yu Wenchang Huang Lianghui from the ship out of the net, net 6 meters in width, the length of the km. "People who work by the sea, often with the help of changes in the weather." Huang Lianghui said, the fishermen fear and depends on the sea, the sea, it is necessary to use the dragnet fishing sea tides. "At the time when the net, net that catches up just enough, enough effort." Dragnet fishing as fishermen’s traditional way of life, has experienced the historical evolution and 2000 years of innovation and development. A big net scatters, along with the fluctuation of the sea water and the fish’s wandering, the harvest is more natural variables. With the development of science and technology, the fishermen fishing is more advanced, by means of mechanical net saves time and effort, but the traditional net has become the tourist experience seaside dragnet tools become fashionable sport fishing style and recreational people experience the city, carrying people to commemorate the original fishing life, is also a fishing culture is a unique landscape. A net in the eastern suburbs of the sea, just graduated from a high school student with the help of Huang Lianghui shed large nets. The tide coast exposed more sand, shells, seaweed, jellyfish…… These common sea creatures, clouds on the beach to pick up these sea treasure will become a pleasure. "We grew up on the beach, although accustomed to the sea, but every time the sea can always give us a different experience!" Now, high school graduates have received that Xu Zhen university admission notice, this time we also bid farewell to the high school class reunion, the upcoming college life memorial. TLIDEA play, a group of students jumping at the seaside in hand, leaving the image of youth. Have the nets, along with the rising tide more light up on the shore, pulling the rope of the students, from time to time to try to pull a pull rope, look forward to the harvest net. "Can the net!" With Huang Lianghui’s order, the students were playing on the beach just around the edge of the net, this is a very exciting moment! Follow the command of Huang Lianghui, the students in the nets on both sides of the row of ten to fifteen people, dragging the net walking on the shore. "We do not rotate the rotation of the chaos, the back of the students in turn to the front!" Seeing the black net gradually out of the sea, more and more network let the students pull up more difficult. In order to prevent the fish on both sides of the people began to flee, the intermediate cross walk)相关的主题文章: